Syntax Highlighting

EmEditor provides syntax highlighting for 20 different languages, including C++, Java, HTML, Markdown, Perl, Python, and many more. You can also easily create your own customized highlighting rules.

EmEditor Professional includes syntax configurations for the following languages:
Bat, C#, C++, CSS, HTML, Ini, Java, JavaScript, JSP, Markdown, Pascal (Delphi), Perl, PerlScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, TeX (LaTeX), VBScript, WindowsScript, x86 Assembler, XML, as well as basic text. You can also add more languages by downloading syntax files from the EmEditor Library. If you want to create your own syntax files, you can do so by adding a list of keywords to be highlighted.

Within the HTML configuration, text within ASP tags (<% ... %>) and standard script tags is formatted according to which scripting language is specified in the LANGUAGE attribute (JavaScript, VBScript or PerlScript).  Moreover, HTML-Embedded special syntax is available for JSP and PHP configurations.