New in Version 18.1

September 26, 2018

New General Features

  • Greatly improved the speed of Find in Files and various operations when opening very large files.

Test results:

v17.9v18.0v18.1Comparison to v17.9
Find in Files*18.86 seconds7.31 seconds0.609 seconds14.5 times faster
Open a very large file*27.06 seconds7.06 seconds2.44 seconds2.89 times faster
Switch to CSV mode*359.3 seconds18.4 seconds3.02 seconds19.6 times faster
Sort A to Z (default options)64.0  seconds38.1 seconds32.1 seconds1.99 times faster
Sort A to Z (fast binary comparison)35.5  seconds10.3 seconds8.28 seconds4.29 times faster
Delete Duplicate Lines31.7  seconds18.3  seconds2.20  seconds14.4 times faster
Save (as the same file after changes)25.8 seconds0.562 seconds0.406  seconds63.5 times faster
Save As a new file26.7 seconds0.484 seconds0.343 seconds77.8 times faster

*1 Find “abc” in 11,370 HTML files (total of 29.9 MB).
*2 1.34 GB, 100,000,000 lines, random ASCII data
*3 1.99 GB, 15,860,000 lines, random number data.
* All others: 538 MB, 10,000,000 lines, random ASCII data, Use Temporary Files option on (default), Windows 10 (64-bit), Core i7-8700K, 32GB RAM.

  • Added the Sync settings feature. This feature is disabled by default.
  • Added the /max option to the command line options.

New Options

  • Added the Sync page to the Customize dialog box.
  • Added the Max newlines in a cell text box to the CSV page of the Customize dialog box.
  • Added the Maximum Memory Size per File text box to the Advanced page of the Customize dialog box.
  • Added the App Theme drop-down list box to the View page of the Customize dialog box.
  • Added the Stop if number of matches reaches text box to the Find in Files and Replace in Files dialog boxes. The Maximum Number of Files to Replace if Kept Open text box in the Search page of the Customize dialog box was deprecated.

New Commands

  • Customize Sync

Plug-in API New Features

  • Added the nLimit field to the GREP_INFO_EX structure.

Macro New Features

  • Added nExFlags and nLimit parameters to the FindInFiles method and ReplaceInFiles method of the Editor object.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed customer-reported issues (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).