CSV Converter

The new CSV Converter allows easier conversion between different CSV formats and fixed-width columns. The CSV conversion speed was greatly improved.

Regular Expressions in Macros

You can now use Onigmo as well as Boost.regex regular expressions in your macros using the new Regex object. For example:

re = editor.regex;
re.Engine = eeExFindRegexOnigmo;
re.Pattern = "^[A-Z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Z0-9.-]+.[A-Z]{2,}$";
re.IgnoreCase = true;
b = re.Test( "john@test.com" );

See Macro References for more examples:

JSON Support

This version now supports JScript Version 5.8 as a macro language including the JSON object. For example:

var text = '{ "employees" : [' +
 '{ "firstName":"Noah" , "lastName":"Smith" },' +
 '{ "firstName":"Emma" , "lastName":"Johnson" },' +
 '{ "firstName":"Liam" , "lastName":"Williams" } ]}';

var obj = JSON.parse(text);

alert( obj.employees[1].firstName + " " + obj.employees[1].lastName );

alert( JSON.stringify( obj, null, "    " ) );

Easily Accessible Commands

The Cut Column(s), Copy Column(s), Paste, Delete Column(s), Insert Column Left, and Insert Column Right commands were added to the Ruler menu.

The Insert Line Above and Insert Line Below commands were added to the left edge menu.

Other New Features

New features

  • Another separator is added to the right side of CSV documents.
  • The settings for Undo buffer is obsolete. Instead, the physical memory size is used to determine whether the Undo should be retained. The physical memory threashold can be set in the Advanced tab of the Customize dialog box.
  • The new version allows you to cancel the current command when the Undo data will not be available.

New options

  • The Default column width text box was added to the CSV tab of the Customize dialog box.
  • The Always Discard Lengthy Undo Information to Accelerate check box was added to the Edit tab of the Customize dialog box.
  • The Maximum Memory Size text box was moved from the Sort tab to the Advanced tab of the Customize dialog box.

New commands

  • CSV Converter
  • Delete Column(s)
  • Cut Column(s)
  • Copy Column(s)
  • Insert Column Right

Plug-in New Features

  • The Copy and Select All commands were added to the context menu on the list of the Word Count plug-in.
  • Added the ability to call a snippet by the path.

Plug-in API New Features

  • The FIND_REGEX_INFO_EX structure was extended. The BACK_REF structure was added.

Macro New Features

  • The Regex object, Matches collection, and Match object were added.
  • The regex property was added to the Editor object.
  • JScript Version 5.8 support including the JSON object.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a certain bug related to the CSV cell mode.
  • Lookbehind regular expression searches using Onigmo work better now.
  • Fixed a certain bug related to Replace All while making muliple selections.
  • Fixed a certain bug related to the Replace method of macros.