Customizable toolbars

EmEditor’s toolbars are highly customizable, allowing you to hide buttons that you do not use and add buttons for features that you use often.

EmEditor has these toolbars by default, which can be enabled or disabled as needed.

  • Main menu
    • This is the menu bar
  • Toolbar 1
    • Contains commonly used commands
  • Sort toolbar
    • Contains useful sort-related commands
  • Plug-ins toolbar
    • A convenient way to access installed plug-ins
  • Tools toolbar
    • Buttons to launch external programs
  • Macros toolbar
    • Run macros for automating tasks
  • Markers toolbar
    • Highlights matched strings
  • CSV toolbar
    • Allows you to quickly change between CSV modes
  • Filter toolbar
    • Filters lines to only those that match a condition
  • Find toolbar
    • Access Find options without opening the dialog box
  • Cell toolbar
    • A large text box for editing a CSV cell

You can enable or disable a toolbar in View > Toolbars (or right-clicking on the white space of a toolbar). Toolbars can be moved around by unchecking Lock Toolbars and dragging a toolbar by its left side where it shows its name.

You can customize the buttons on the toolbars by going to Tools > Customize Toolbars….