New in Version 18.8

April 23, 2019

New General Features

  • Greatly improved the speed of opening very large files, Find/Replace/Filter, the Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize, Full-width, and Half-width commands using multi-threaded code and the AVX-2 instruction set found in recent CPUs.
  • Greatly improved the speed especially when the opened document contains very long lines.

Test results:

Lowercase command56.6 seconds1.47  seconds38.5 times faster
Capitalize command72.5 seconds2.64 seconds27.5 times faster
Full-width command116 seconds4.27 seconds27.2 times faster
Open a very large file8.08 seconds7.55 seconds6.56% faster
Replace All “abc” with “@@@” (default options)1.86 seconds0.922 seconds2.02 times faster
Filter “abc” (default options)1.67 seconds0.906 seconds1.84 times faster
Move cursor in a very large document without newlines *11.36 seconds0.578 seconds2.35 times faster

*1 3.09 GB, 1 lines (no newlines), XML file, run a macro to move to the end of line, and then 20 characters left. Use Temporary Files option off.
Others: 4.72 GB, 50,000,000 lines, random ASCII data, Use Temporary Files option off.
All: Windows 10 (64-bit), Core i9-9900K, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD.

  • The new version allows you to press CTRL + SHIFT + V several times consecutively in all text boxes in dialog boxes to paste previously copied text in the Clipboard history of the editor.
  • Updated the IPTip.jsee macro to support new GeoLite2 CSV format. This macro is used to show the country name as a tooltip when the mouse hovers on IPv4 addresses if IPv4 active strings are enabled.
  • Changed the default keyboard shortcuts. SHIFT + TAB is assigned as the Decrease Line Indent command, and CTRL + SHFT + T is assigned as the Most Recently Closed File command.

New Options

  • Added the Prompt if a Unicode (UTF-16) file size is an odd number in bytes check box to the File page of the Customize dialog box.
  • Added the Ignore the last character in the selection on the Insert/Remove Newline Characters commands, Converts half-width backslashes (U+005C) to full-width Japanese Yen signs (U+FFE5) during half-width/full-width conversions, and Converts half-width backslashes (U+005C) to full-width Korean Won signs (U+FFE6) during half-width/full-width conversions check boxes to the Edit page of the Customize dialog box.

Plug-in API New Features

  • Added the eeWidthJapaneseYen and eeWidthKoreanWon flags to the ChangeWidth method of the Selection object..

Macro New Features

  • Added FLAG_JAPANESE_YEN and FLAG_KOREAN_WON flags to the EE_CONVERT message and Editor_Convert inline function.