Tabbed Design

EmEditor’s tabbed window design allows for quick transitions between documents and keeps your windows in order.

EmEditor uses tabbed windows similar to web browsers and other tabbed applications. This allows you to open multiple documents in one window and jump between them quickly and easily. For instance, you can drag and drop the tab icon to switch the document position, or you can use the mouse middle button to close a tab. Moreover, you can conveniently switch between the tabbed window interface and the single document interface by selecting the Enable Tabs command on the Window menu. This command enables the tabs, if disabled, or disables the tabs if already enabled. When the tabs are enabled, all currently open documents are displayed on a tab menu at the top of the window. Only one EmEditor icon will be displayed on the Windows Task Bar.

The Tabbed Window feature includes a context menu. Right-click on the tabs to view the context menu. To have multiple sets of tabbed windows, create a New Group by dragging and dropping a tab outside of the EmEditor window. To specify how tabs are arranged, right-click on the tabs, and select any option under Arrange Tabs by. You can also select Customize Tab to access the Tab tab of the Customize dialog box. You can also access this tab by clicking Customize under the Tools menu, and selecting the Tab tab. Through this dialog box, you can control how tabs function–do you want a single row or multiple rows? which icons should be used for tabs? what happens when you close a tab?

There are many various ways you can format, and interact with, the tabs in EmEditor. Here are a few:

  • To move easily from one document to the next, you can select the option, Use Mouse Wheel to Select. Then when you move the mouse pointer over the tabs, and use the mouse wheel, you scroll smoothly from one document to another.
  • To switch between the tabbed documents in order from left to right, or right to left, using CTRL+TAB, or CTRL+SHIFT+TAB respectively, deselect the option Switch to Last Used Document for Next Document Command.
  • To switch between the active document and the last viewed document, (rather than the next document or previous document); select the option Switch to Last Used Document for Next Document Command.