The Markers feature highlights every instance of specified strings in your document. You can set the highlight colors, matching requirements, and more.

In the context menu displayed by right-clicking, selecting Add to/Remove from Markers allows you to add the selected text or the word at the cursor position to the list of markers. The list of markers is displayed in the Markers toolbar. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the selected text to the Markers toolbar to add the text to the list of markers.

Right clicking on each marker in the Markers toolbar displays a context menu, and allows you to enable or disable each marker, search for each marker, or change the match condition (case sensitivity, only word, regular expressions, etc.). The Replace command allows you to quickly replace the marked text.

Each marker can be dragged and dropped to change the order of markers and to insert the marker text into the editor. Selecting the Customize Markers from the menu allows you to change the details about the markers. In the Marker List tab, you can change the marker colors, change the marker text, and delete unnecessary markers.

The auto marker will automatically highlight text that is the same as the selected text. The Auto Marker tab of the Customize Markers dialog allows you to specify details about the auto marker, such as retrieving the word at the cursor position, matching the word only, or case sensitivity.