Fast 64-bit Build

EmEditor is available in both 64-bit and 32-bit builds. As you can see from the examples below, the 64-bit build runs as much as 16% to 74% faster than the 32-bit build when dealing with very large files. If you use 64-bit Windows, the 64-bit build of EmEditor is absolutely recommended! (The difference is not so significant if no large file is opened.)

The 64-bit build also leverages SIMD instruction sets such as AVX2 to speed up tasks if your computer supports them.

32-bit build64-bit build
Opening a File *194 seconds54 seconds
Replace String *253 seconds43 seconds
Sort A to Z *387 seconds75 seconds
Delete Duplicate Lines *4166 seconds142 seconds

*1 10GB, 128,000,000 lines, average except the first time. *2 1.3GB, 16,000,000 lines, replace “10000” with “#####”, 1,600 repaces, no regular expression, no escape sequence, no match cases. *3 800MB, 10,000,000 lines, Sort A to Z *4 Same file as 3. Windows 8 (64-bit) Core i7 870 16GB RAM, EmEditor Professional v13.0.0 32-bit and 64-bit.