Multiple Selection Editing

With EmEditor’s multiple selection editing, you can quickly make changes at multiple locations in your document simultaneously–use it to rename variables, enter data, and generally make your life easier.

EmEditor allows you to select multiple locations within a document. To make multiple selections, after making one selection, make another selection with the mouse while pressing the CTRL key. Alternatively, you can press the F8 key, move the cursor to extend the selection, press the F8 key again to finish the selection, move the cursor again to go to the next selection position, and repeat this procedure until you make all selections. Moreover, the Add Next Occurrence command (CTRL+R) will find the same text as the word at the cursor. The Add Next Next Occurrence command will skip the next occurrence, but add the occurrence after the next one. The Select All Occurrences command (CTRL+SHIFT+A) will select all the occurrences.

After you make multiple selections, you can type new text to replace all the selections at once. Pressing the BACKSPACE key removes the last character in each selection. Moreover, you can use many conversion commands against the selections.

The Find All button in the  Find dialog box allows you to select all the occurrences of your search string.

With the Switch Starting Point and Ending Point command (SHIFT+F8) you can move the cursor to the selection starting point by pressing SHIFT+F8, and then adjust the selection’s starting and ending points for even easier editing.

More Support for Large Files

EmEditor can now open a file containing a very long line (longer than 4GB). When EmEditor loads a file containing a very long line, it will split the long line into several lines, but it will combine them when saving the file.

Pasting very large text via the Clipboard became more stable by dynamically creating a temporary file.

The various Sort commands and the Delete Duplicate Lines command were also optimized for large files, and there is no longer a limitation of size to run these commands. As you can see from an example below, v13 became 3 to 7 times faster than v12 in the Sort and Delete Duplicate Lines commands when using very large files.

*141MB 1,750,000 lines, Sort A to Z **16MB 200,000 lines. Windows 8 (64-bit), Core i7 870, 16GB RAM, EmEditor Professional v12.0.11 (64-bit) and v13.0.0 (64-bit).
Version 12Version 13
Sort*28 seconds7.8 seconds
Delete Duplicate Lines**53 seconds7.2 seconds

The new version also allows you to combine or split very large files easily. The new Split Current Document to Several Files command allows you to split the current document into several files either every user-specified number of lines, or before every bookmarked line. It also allows you to specify a header and/or footer to each separated file. The new Combine Documents into a Single File command allows you to combine multiple documents into one file.

Multiple File Encoding Conversions

This feature allows you to convert the encodings of multiple files at once using one easy command.

EmEditor allows you to convert encodings of many files at the same time. To do this, first open all files that you want to convert with EmEditor, either by pressing CTRL+O to open the Open dialog and selecting multiple files, or by specifying “emeditor.exe *.*”, for example, in the Command Prompt window. Then selecting Save All with Encoding on the File menu will allow you to save all documents with a specified encoding.

Quick Launch

With the Quick Launch feature, you can access any command, plug-in, macro, external tool, recently used file, folder, font, opened document, and more with just a few keystrokes. Just type a partial keyword into the Quick Launch box (CTRL+Q) and EmEditor will find what you’re looking for.

The Quick Launch command allows you to open a dialog box where you can type a partial keyword to search all the commands. A list box is quickly filled with searched commands, and then you can select which list item you want to launch. The Quick Launch dialog box will search all EmEditor commands, plug-ins, macros, external tools, recently used files, folders, fonts, opened document file names, and much more. Access Quick Launch quickly with CTRL+Q.

Plug-in Updates

HTML Bar plug-in

  • The large-size toolbar is now available.

Outline plug-in

  • Optimized for speed when displaying outline as guide.

Projects plug-in

  • Solution loading operates much more quickly, as projects are not loaded until they are used.
  • The Reload command was added in the context menu – Solution sub menu. Also, the F5 key was assigned as the Reload command.
  • The Projects plug-in now supports Visual Studio nested projects.

Other New Features

New Features

  • The Comment/Uncomment commands now work as begin/end comments (for example, /* … */) in addition to line comments. EmEditor will choose begin/end comments when the middle of a line is selected.
  • A workspace now saves all bookmarks automatically. Bookmarks will no longer be erased when reloading files.
  • When creating a new file by specifying a non-existing file name in the Open dialog box, EmEditor will now create a zero-byte empty file.
  • The Help for each dialog box now contains information about all the controls without needing to navigate through branch items. The Help button was deprecated, and pressing the ? button or the F1 key will bring up the pertinent Help.
  • A progress bar and a percentage indicator are now displayed in the progress window.
  • The new Fast Binary Comparison allows for faster sort. Clearing the Stable Sort also allows for faster sort when stable sorting is not necessary.
  • Find in Files dialog box now shows all associated file extensions of the current configuration in the File Types text box when Current File Type is selected from the > menu.
  • High-DPI settings supported.
  • The new version allows you to select text by mouse outside of the text area specified by the Narrowing command.
  • The installer now allows you to add the Context Menu to Windows Explorer, and to have EmEditor check the updates.
  • EmEditor Free is back! This time, EmEditor Free is the same executable file as EmEditor Professional. After you try EmEditor Professional for 30 days, you can still use EmEditor Free without purchasing the product for personal use only.
  • When a user clicks on the left edge or the line numbers, a menu related to bookmarks appears now.

New options

  • The Save All with Encoding dialog box
  • The Configuration Associations dialog box
  • The Split Current Document to Several Files wizard
  • The Combine Documents into a Single File wizard
  • The Quick Launch dialog box
  • The Enable Multiple Selections, Prompt when No Undo Infomation is Available, and the Prompt when EmEditor cannot Open the Clipboard check boxes in the Edit tab of the Customize dialog box
  • The Fast Binary Comparison check box, the Stable Sort check box, and the Maximum Memory Size text box in the Sort tab of the Customize dialog box
  • The Use Double Buffering check box in the View tab of the Customize dialog box
  • The Memory Size, L1 Cache Size, L2 Cache Size, and percentage of physical memory in use items were added to the list in the Status tab of the Customize dialog box
  • The Memory Size, L1 Cache Size, and L2 Cache Size text boxes in the Advanced tab of the Customize dialog box.
  • The Selected Text or Word at Cursor item in the > drop-down menu by the Find text box in the Find dialog box
  • The Current File Extension item in the > drop-down menu by the File Types text box in the Find in Files dialog box
  • The Indent only at New Lines check box in the Tab/Indent dialog box
  • The Set as Default button and the Associations button in the Define Configurations dialog box
  • $(AppDir), $(AppDrive), and $(Clipboard) parameters were added to the menu displayed when the > button is clicked in the External Tool Properties.
  • The Prompt before Deleting an Old File when Renaming check box was added to the Save Details dialog box.
  • The Skip Empty Lines and Restart Numbering after Empty Lines check boxes were added to the Insert Numbering dialog box
  • The CTRL + Click to Select a Word check box was added to the Mouse tab of the Customize dialog box.
  • The Match Case and Match Whole Word check boxes were added to the Search tab of the Customize dialog box. These options apply to the Add Next Occurrence and Select All Occurrences commands.
  • The Prompt when End of Document is Reached check box was added to the Search tab of the Customize dialog box.
  • The Save Settings check box was added to the Open dialog box.
  • The Title check box and text box in the Marker List tab of the Customize Markers dialog box.
  • The Clicking a File Name in Quotes Opens the File check box was added to the Link tab of configuration properties.
  • The MinimalZen theme was added to the Display tab of configuration properties. The MinimalZen was developed by ToadLoading.

New commands

  • Select All Occurrences
  • Add Next Occurrence
  • Add Next Next Occurrence
  • Split Current Document to Several Files
  • Combine Documents into a Single File
  • Quick Launch
  • Save All with Encoding
  • Downgrade
  • Upgrade
  • Repeat Last Command
  • Associate Configuration
  • Select Beginning of Lines
  • Select Ending of Lines
  • Switch Starting Point and Ending Point
  • Select Bookmarked Lines in This Document
  • Cut Bookmarked Lines in This Document
  • Copy Bookmarked Lines in This Document
  • Find All (Marker toolbar right-click menu)

Macro new features

  • The Count property was added to the Selection object.
  • The PromptRename property was added to the FileSaveProp object.
  • The OpenFileInQuotes property was added to the LinkProp object.
  • The eeFindSelectAll flag was added to the Find method.

Plug-in API new features

  • EE_GET_MULTI_SEL message (Editor_GetMultiSel inline function)
  • EI_GET_CMD_LIST_SIZE flag (EE_INFO message)
  • EE_SET_OUTLINE_ARRAY messsage (Editor_OutlineArray inline function)
  • OUTLINE_ARRAY_INFO structure