New in Version 21.3

New General Features

  • Very large file support on the Free version (previously, only the Professional version supported very large files).
  • The new version allows date/time range and format in Number Range Expressions for Find/Replace/Filter. For instance, [ 10/28/2021 , 12/31/2021 “M/d/yyyy” ] means all dates between 10/28/2021 and 12/31/2021. If a date format is omitted, the default date format is derived from the locale specified in the Sort page of the Customize dialog box.
  • Redesigned the Enter Number Range dialog box, and the new version allows you to use any decimal point for a number range. For instance, ( 1,0 , 9,0 “,” ) means all decimal numbers between 1 and 9 using a comma as the decimal point.
  • The new version allows you to split a window to 3 panes. Select the Split Horizontally or Split Vertically commands twice to split a window into 3 panes.
  • The new version allows the ENTER key to be assigned in the Keyboard page of configuration properties. This allows you to assign the ENTER key as the Next Cell (Cell Selection Mode Only) command.
  • Added a notification when it takes a long time to retrieve the Windows Clipboard History.
  • Set the dialog box font to Microsoft YaHei, 9 point for Simplified Chinese, and Microsoft JhengHei, 9 point for Traditional Chinese.
  • The new version synchronizes the cursor position as well as the scroll position when the Synchronize Horizontal/Vertical Scrolling when Split option is on.
  • The new version shows a dialog box to remove nonexistent file names from the My Macros list if any when you show the My Macros page of the Customize Macros dialog box.
  • Improved the speed of commands in the Encode/Decode Selection submenu on the Edit menu, Remove Leading Spaces, Remove Trailing Spaces, and Filter in Column commands.

Test results:

Percent-encoding to Unicode*173.8 seconds7.16 seconds10.3 times faster
Unicode to Percent-encoding*195.6 seconds10.3 seconds9.28 times faster
Remove Leading Spaces*19.25 seconds3.19 seconds2.90 times faster
Remove Trailing Spaces*112.1 seconds3.19 seconds3.79 times faster
Filter in Column*21.13 seconds0.297 seconds3.80 times faster

*1 1.34 GB, 100 million lines, random ASCII data.
*2 1.99 GB, 15.9 million lines, random CSV data.
All: Default options except Always Discard Lengthy Undo Information to Accelerate on, 16 threads, Windows 11, Core i9-11900K, 64GB RAM, 2TB SSD.

New Options

  • Added the Add an EmEditor icon to the Context menu to the Shortcut page of the Customize dialog box.
  • Added the Dialog box font size slider to the Window page of the Customize dialog box.

New Commands

  • Next Cell (Cell Selection Mode Only)
  • Previous Cell (Cell Selection Mode Only)
  • Cell Above (Cell Selection Mode Only)
  • Cell Below (Cell Selection Mode Only)