Grab Text

EmEditor allows you to grab almost any text in an edit control on Windows, edit the text with EmEditor, and return the edited text back to the original edit control.  To grab text, select an edit control or text field that you want to grab the text within, and press the shortcut key you assigned (for example, CTRL + ALT + X).  An EmEditor window, filled with the grabbed text, appears. The title of the window becomes “(Grabbed Text)”. You can make changes to the text, and when you close the window, the new text replaces the original text in the edit control or text fields. This feature is useful when you want to change text in a text field, but the field is too small for larger text. You can use all sorts of editing features within EmEditor to change text. It is also useful to reveal your forgotten password within the password field (may not work on newer versions of Windows and web browsers).  To use this feature, the tray icon must be displayed, and the Shortcut to Grab Text field in the Customize Tray Icon dialog box was set using a shortcut (for example, CTRL + ALT + X).