Optimized to Open Large Files

The new version of EmEditor allows you to easily open huge files – up to 248 GB or 2.1 billion lines – with only a little memory. The new version optimizes the speed to open a huge file, so it can open a huge file much more quickly than previous versions. The new multithreaded design allows you to view documents during the opening of a file. A status window appears during most time-consuming activities such as text editing, saving, searching, replacing, inserting and deleting, which allows you to cancel those activities at any time. Even with smaller files, the new version improves the overall speed in most everyday activities such as file opening, editing, and saving, as well as text searching and replacing.

New Plug-ins

The following plug-ins are new in Version 7. The Projects plug-in and the Word Complete plug-in utilize the new Custom Toolbar feature.

  • FindBar plug-in – allows you to do searches, including incremental search, from within the toolbar.
  • HTMLBar plug-in – displays a toolbar filled with buttons which help you insert frequently used HTML tags and elements.
  • Projects plug-in – displays folder trees and allows you to open files from the folder trees.
  • Word Complete plug-in – displays the list filled with previously used words and highlighted words defined in EmEditor, and lets you select a word from the list to complete your typing.

Word Complete

The word complete feature is now available using a plug-in.

Keystroke and Mouse Operation Recording and Playback

EmEditor can now record and play keystrokes and mouse operations against other applications. This capability allows you to automate certain tasks on the Desktop, the browser, or your favorite applications. For developers, this ability can also be used for testing applications. The Window Object now includes all sorts of properties that can tell almost everything about the window, and the new Windows Collection can be used to enumerate top-level windows or child windows for a certain window. The new Shell Object was added to send keystroke and mouse activities and to enumerate or find top-level windows.

New Objects, Properties, and Methods for Macros

EmEditor Professional Version 7 introduces many new objects for configuration properties. Other properties and methods were also added to the existing objects.

The list of the objects added in the latest version
OutputBar object
Shell object
Windows collection
AssociationItem object
AssociationList collection
AssociationProp object
AutoSaveProp object
BackupProp object
Config object
Configs object
DisplayItem object
DisplayList collection
DisplayProp object
FileNewProp object
FileSaveProp object
FileProp object
FontItem object
FontList collection
FontProp object
GeneralProp object
HighlightItem object
HighlightList collection
HighlightProp object
IndentProp object
KeyboardItem object
KeyboardList collection
KeyboardProp object
LinkProp object
MarkProp object
NoWrapItem object
NoWrapList collection
NoWrapProp object
PrintProp object
ScrollProp object
WrapProp object

Macros Toolbar

Macros Toolbar can now be displayed. The Macros Toolbar displays all defined My Macros. Moreover, you can now change the icon, title, and tooltip of a macro button using #icon directive, #title directive, and #tooltip directive, respectively.

Portability Options (Ready for a USB Drive Install)

You can now have the option to save all settings to INI files instead of the Registry. From the Import and Export Wizard (on the Tools menu), you now have the option to export settings to INI files. Once EmEditor detects INI files in its directory, it does not save the settings to the Registry. The plug-in interface was extended to support the Registry and INI file manipulation.

Other New Features

New Features

  • The virtual space mode.
  • Read Only icon on tab.
  • Close button on each tab or on active tab.
  • User defined menus allowing two-stroke key shortcuts.
  • Smooth Scroll
  • Triple-clicking now selects a whole line.
  • Column text box in the Jump dialog box.
  • Apply to All checkbox in the Save changes to … message box.
  • Ability to adjust character space.
  • Ability to select an encoding for the Output bar.
  • Options to save/load workspace automatically.
  • Options to highlight right side or right all.
  • The Open dialog box now allows multiple files to open simultaneously.
  • Theme feature for color settings, and ability to preview new colors.
  • The Transparent option was added to the text and background colors.
  • EmEditor now automatically saves modified files as a file name prefixed with “AutoSave-” without displaying a dialog box when EmEditor crashes or when Windows is forced to restart because of automatic updates. Also, EmEditor now prompts a message box displaying automatically recovered files when restarted.
  • The file size displayed on the status bar when a file is opened is now displayed in KB, MB, or GB as necessary.
  • Alt + Delete to clear an item from search history in the Find drop-down list.
  • Snippets plug-in now allows multiple lines.
  • #include directive for macros.
  • Event-driven macros can be defined.
  • Multiple lines can now be entered by dragging and resizing the border at the lower right corner of the Find/Replace dialog.
  • Wrap Indent can now be specified.
  • Under Windows Vista, Open/Save As dialog boxes are now Windows Vista design and allow you to easily access previous versions of the files, which is one of the features of Windows Vista.