With new Custom Bars, Displays Outlining, Web Preview, Search Bar and more!

Custom Bars can be now displayed within EmEditor window. With this feature, useful plug-ins such as OutliningWeb Preview, and Search Bar can be developed. Many features were added to support outlining and custom bars.

More Tab Features

Tabs features greatly enhanced on Version 5 are even improved on this version as well.

External Tool Standard Output can now be displayed within EmEditor

When a console program is specified as an external tool, its standard output can now be displayed in the EmEditor window. This makes it easy to capture a compiler’s output, to tag jump at an error, and to edit back to the source code.

Quick Start

EmEditor can now be loaded without displaying its window at the EmEditor tray icon’s startup. This makes EmEditor window launch much faster.

Other ActiveScript Support

ActiveScript languages other than JavaScript and VBScript can now be used. For instance, you can use PerlScript, PHPScript, Python, Ruby, and many other ActiveScript languages as long as the script engines you would like to use are installed on your system. For example:


#language = “PerlScript”

$Window->document->write( ‘Hello!’ );


#language = “PHPScript”

$Window->document->write( “Hello!” );


#language = “Python”

Window.document.write( ‘Hello’ );


#language = “RubyScript”

Window.document.write( “Hello!” );

Windows Vista Ready!

EmEditor is now Windows Vista ready! EmEditor is aware of the new security feature called the User Account Control in Windows Vista, and allows you to run as usual in a least privileges environment. A few administrative settings are clearly visibly distinguished by marks as below.

Other New Features

New Features

  • Added the Shortcut tab on the Customize dialog box, which allows you to display or hide the Tray IconSend To Shortcut and other shortcuts.
  • The Language tab was added to the Customize dialog box. By installing additional language packs, the user interface language can be switched.
  • The Automatically Name Untitled Document check box was added to the Save Details dialog box.
  • The management method for the current folder is changed, which solved the issue that previously used folders could not be removed.
  • The installer became Windows Installer, which allows installation without displaying dialog boxes.
  • New command line options (/ca, /car, /di, /hide, /ipi, and /sca) were added.
  • The Find and Replace dialog box positions are now remembered.
  • The Search All Open Documents check box added to the Find dialog box.
  • Regular expression search and validation messages and inline functions were added to the plug-in API.

Free Upgrade

EmEditor Professional v6 is available free for EmEditor Professional v4 and v5 users. EmEditor Standard v6 is available free for EmEditor Standard v4 and v5 users and EmEditor v3 users.