EmEditor gives you easy access to different delimited formats, especially comma-separated values (CSV) files. When a delimiter-separated values file is opened, all the separators line up vertically. You can quickly edit the file with various column/separator commands, the Sort by Multiple Columns command, the Delete Duplicate Lines command, Line Number, Ruler, and Heading commands. Moreover, the enhanced CSV features after EmEditor v14.6 give you more options to customize your documents.

  • You can define up to 8 CSV formats, and each format now allows up to 39 character long text.
  • You can easily filter any CSV file through the Filter toolbar. The Adavanced Filter dialogue box allows you to specify filter strings and conditions for each column. Furthermore, you can simply click the Negative button on the Filter toolbar to exclude the matched lines.
  • The Join CSV feature allows you to merge two CSV documents specifying key columns, using a method analogous to SQL JOIN operations (INNER JOIN, OUTER JOIN, RIGHT JOIN and
  • Have embedded newlines in your CSV document? No problem! You can select the Remove Embedded Newlines command on the CSV/Sort toolbar to quickly remove the embedded newlines. You can also use the new Match Only Embedded Newlines in CSV option in the Find dialog box as well as the Find toolbar to find, replace, and remove newlines.
  • Want to mark all the duplicate lines in your file? The Delete Duplicate Lines dialog box can help you set bookmarks for duplicate lines without deleting them. You can also apply the command to all documents in a group.

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