New in Version 20.4

December 15, 2020

New General Features

  • Added the Notifications feature. When events like “A New Version is available“, “A CSV file was detected“, etc. occur, EmEditor display a balloon tip on the right bottom corner of the window to allow you to confirm or select an action for the notification. Even after the balloon tip disappears after several seconds, you can still click on the Notification icon (💬) on the status bar to display the Notification bar where you will find a list of the previous notifications. Clicking one of the items will bring up a dialog box to confirm or select an action for the notification.
  • Improved the Update Checker behavior.
  • Added an ability to set the global maximum memory size in MB, and optimized memory and thread usage when opening multiple large files simultaneously.
  • Improved the speed of the Delete Duplicate Lines and Compare commands.

Test results:

Delete Duplicate Lines51.7 seconds21.6 seconds2.39 times faster
Compare743 seconds1.59 seconds467 times faster

  Delete Duplicate Lines: 10 GB, 300 million lines, random ASCII data, discard undo information.
  Compare: two completely different 100 MB files, 3 million lines, random ASCII data, Quality 5 (most precise).
  All: Windows 10 (64-bit), Core i9-9900K, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD.

New Options

  • Added the Notification page and Update page to the Customize dialog box.
  • Added the Maximum Memory Size (MB) text box to the Advanced page of the Customize dialog box.
  • Added Display File Names, Lines, and Matched Strings and Display File Names and Matched Strings to the Output Options drop-down list box of the Find in Files dialog box.

New Commands

  • Toggle Notifications
  • Customize Notifications
  • Customize Update
  • Remove Empty Columns
  • Clear All Undo/Redo History
  • Find Shortest Line/Cell

Plug-in API New Features


Macro New Features

  • Added the eeFindFileLineAndMatched and eeFindFileAndMatched flags to the FindInFiles and BatchFindInFiles methods.