New in Version 14.8

February 2, 2015

This new version adds the advanced features to optimize big data analysis. Features such as joining two large CSV files and specifying options for Delete Duplicate Lines command make you generate data that are tailored to your needs.

Join CSV

The new Join CSV feature allows you to merge two CSV documents specifying key columns, using a method analogous to SQL JOIN operations (INNER JOIN, OUTER JOIN, RIGHT JOIN and

Delete Duplicate Lines (Advanced)

The new Delete Duplicate Lines (Advanced) feature allows you to specify which columns to inspect for duplication, and optionally ignore empty lines.

Other New Features

New features

  • The ruler can now display the column index while in a CSV mode.
  • The new macro flag to remove the last used filter level.
  • The Non-standard implementation of percent encoding (%uxxxx format) is now highlighted and can be decoded by right-cicking the tooltip and select Convert, or by using the Universal Character Names to Unicode command.

New options

  • The Join CSV dialog box was added.
  • The Delete Duplicate Lines dialog box was added.

New commands

  • Delete Duplicate Lines (Advanced)
  • Join CSV

Macro New Features

  • The eeFindRemoveLast flag was added to the Filter method.

Plug-in API New Features

  • The FLAG_FIND_REMOVE_LAST flag was added to the Editor_Filter inline function and the FILTER_INFO structure.