Customizable Interface

Light background? Dark background? Toolbars? Icons? Customize your EmEditor with themes, colors, fonts, and more.

EmEditor allows you to customize almost every facet of your user experience, from fonts and themes to the way your mouse and keyboard function. Each of these properties can be adjusted for a specific configuration or all of them, so if you prefer working with a dark background for HTML and a light background for C++, you can do that. EmEditor’s toolbars and menus are also customizable, which allows you to keep your most frequently used tools up front while doing away with buttons for function you don’t need.

You can also customize the status bar to display the information that is most useful to you. For example, if you always want to be able to see how many characters are in your document, you can customize the status bar to display a character count.

To access EmEditor’s customization properties, visit the Tools menu and select Properties for the Current Configuration, Properties for All Configurations, or any of the Customize menus.