Large Files Up to 16 TB

EmEditor easily opens up to 16 TB (17,592,186,044,415 bytes) or 1,099 billion lines (1,099,511,627,775 lines) – whichever is reached first, when opening a file – in the 64-bit version of EmEditor if enough memory is available. Support up to 256 GB (274,877,906,943 bytes) or 2.14 billion lines (2,147,483,647 lines) in the 32-bit version. For files even larger than that, use the built-in Large File Controller.

EmEditor is built to handle files of any size. When you ask it to open a file over a certain size (you choose the size), EmEditor will automatically start using temporary disk space rather than clogging up your memory, unlike most other text editors, which try to keep the whole file in memory and ultimately fail.

By default, EmEditor uses temporary files when it opens a file larger than 300 MB. You can check and edit this size in the Advanced tab of the Customize dialog box. If you open a file larger than this size, a few highlighting features are disabled, including multiple-line comments. Wrapping modes are also disabled for optimal speed. If you are opening a file larger than this size, make sure there is enough disk space in the temporary file folder. The default temporary folder is the system temporary folder, specified by the %TEMP% environment variable. You can override the temporary folder to any folder you would like, that has enough space available.

EmEditor’s multithreaded design allows you to view documents during the opening of a large file. A status window appears during most time-consuming activities such as text editing, saving, searching, replacing, inserting and deleting, which allows you to monitor and cancel those activities at any time.