Improved Speed

EmEditor is constantly improving its speed to execute tasks. This new version has greatly improved the speed of Delete Bookmarked Lines command and Compare command.

Test results:

Delete bookmarked lines *117.6 seconds0.09 seconds
Compare *266 seconds0.39 seconds

*1 1,000,000 line text file, 49,401 bookmarks.
*2 200,000 line text file, 1,600 differences.
Windows 10 (64-bit) Core i7-4790 16GB RAM

The new version allows you to sort text at the current column by the number of words. You can simply use the Sort Fewest to Most Words and Sort Most to Fewest Words radio buttons in the Sort by Multiple Columns dialog box.

Moreover, in the Join CSV dialog box, the Simply Merge (No Keys) check box was added so that you can merge two CSV documents without any key.

EmEditor v15.4 allows you to remember all the URLs, mail addresses, and Find in Files hyperlinks that you have visited. You either enable or disable the feature using the Remember Visited Links check box in the Link tab of configuration properties.

You can also customize the color used to highlight visited URLs, mail addresses, and Find in Files hyperlinks in the Display tab of configuration properties

Other New Features

New features

  • Added the base64 encoding related commands (see New Commands below).

New options

  • The Always Show 1 Line above/below Cursor check box was added to the Scroll tab of configuration properties.
  • The Marks tab of the Customize dialog box was renamed to Marks/Format, and allows you to set the date/time formats used when you insert time and date.
  • The Apply to All check box was added to the dialog box displayed when invalid characters were contained in a file when opening a file.

New commands

  • Base64 to Plain Text (Current Encoding)
  • Plain Text to Base64 (Current Encoding)
  • Base64 to Plain Text (UTF-8)
  • Plain Text to Base64 (UTF-8)
  • Base64 to Binary File
  • Binary File to Base64
  • Sort Fewest to Most Words
  • Sort Most to Fewest Words
  • Clear Visited Link History

Plug-in New Features

  • View Lines and Pages were added to the query type in the Word Count plug-in.

Plug-in API New Features

  • The EI_GET_PRINT_PAGES parameter was added to the EE_INFO message (Editor_Info inline function).

Macro New Features

  • The eeJoinSimpleMerge flag was added to the Join method.