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Known Issues and Current Status

This page contains important information regarding the current version issues and their status. The information is being updated frequently.

All Versions

  • Updating to Windows 11 might cause invalid keys created in the Registry or EmEditor might not work correctly.
    Status: The issue is believed to be caused by a Windows 11 bug since EmEditor might use non-ASCII characters in the Registry keys. Please don’t update the OS to Windows 11 until Microsoft fixes the bug and we confirm that EmEditor is compatible with Windows 11.
  • Chinese/Japanese MS-IME on Windows 10: EmEditor crashes when pressing a key while pressing the CONVERT key consecutively. This issue also happens other times randomly while using a new version of Chinese/Japanese Microsoft IME on Windows 10.
    Status: v21.1.3 addresses this issue to a certain degree, but the issue might still appear randomly. To work around completely, please revert to a previous version of an IME.

Version 21.1.0 and newer

  • The new version sets the Use DirectWrite option by default. However, some users report EmEditor crashes on specific computers or graphic cards. Other users report EmEditor crashes on Windows 11 beta.
    Status: We recommend updating the graphic driver. If the issue still persists, please turn off the Use Direct Write option. To turn off the option, select Customize on the Tools menu, select Text Rendering page, and clear the Use Direct Write option. Alternatively, click the button on the right side of the Font button on the Basic Toolbar, and select Use Direct Write so that this menu item does not have the checkmark.
  • By default, the Installation Type dialog in the Installer is disabled, and you cannot select the Everybody (all users) option. If you need to select the Everybody (all users) option, see FAQ 21.

Version 21.0.1 and newer

  • The F11 key does not work as the Full Screen command. I had updated EmEditor to v21.0.0 and then later updated to v21.0.1 or later.
    Status: This is because the Focus Mode (not Full Screen) was assigned to the Layout 1 command (F11) by default on v21.0.0, but this behavior was reverted on v21.0.1. Please go to Customize on the Tools menu, select the Layouts page, and click the Reset button to reset Layouts.

Version 20.7.1 and older

  • Certain older versions of EmEditor fail to update within from EmEditor if the install path contains a space. To work around, please download the newest version, and run the downloaded installer.