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Known Issues and Current Status

This page contains important information regarding the current version issues and their status. The information is being updated frequently.

Some issues might be already fixed in recent versions including preview versions. Please try updating EmEditor to the latest version including preview versions if you believe there are any issues.

Version 23.0.3

  • EmEditor may crash as STATUS_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION if running on an old CPU not supporting SSE4.2 (for instance, Intel Core 2 Duo released in 2006). The crash was due to a bug in Visual Studio v17.8. The issue was addressed on the latest version.

Version 23.0.2

  • EmEditor may not be able to save workspaces, wrap lines, or show outlining if Keep Locked is selected from the Changed by Another Program drop-down list in the File page of configuration properties. This issue was fixed on the latest version.

Version 23.0.1

  • Macros might stop working by default. To work around this issue, clear the Run macros asynchronously by default option, or set the Use V8 as JavaScript engine option in the Customize Macros dialog. This issue was fixed on the latest version.

All Versions

  • Starting with v23.0.0, the local Help format was transitioned from a single CHM file to multiple HTML files, and the Help will be displayed in a web browser. The Help pages are local if the URL is a local path.
  • If EmEditor crashes when you deal with a very large file, incrasing the virtual memory might prevent the crash. Please see How to Increase Virtual Memory. You could also avoid this problem by reducing the Number of Threads in the Advanced page of the Customize dialog. On v23.0 or later, you could also avoid this problem by setting the Use temporary files while editing option in the Advanced page of the Customize dialog, but it will lower the speed.
  • Pressing the Hankaku/Zenkaku key on a Japanese keyboard might cause EmEditor to crash. This is a bug of Windows. If this issue persists, please revert to a previous version of an IME.