EmEditor reviewed by IVANNOVATION

Are you an editor or translator? Does your work involve managing large text files?

IVANNOVATION is a premier translation and localization service provider that processes and manages millions of words every year. They have shared some insights on how to use EmEditor to manage translation and localization projects:

EmEditor—Not Just for Coders—the Secret Weapon for Text Management

EmEditor was reviewed in Mado-no-mori.

CSV and code editing progresses! Let’s use the filter of “EmEditor” to improve work efficiency
– A thorough explanation from the basic of filter function to advanced technique.

EmEditor v17.8 was reviewed in Japanese website Mado-no-mori

EmEditor v17.8 was released. Added a filter feature that can display or edit only a part of a very large file.
– Workspace related features were greatly enhanced.

EmEditor v17.5 was reviewed in Japanese website “Mado-no-mori”.

Japanese website “Mado-no-mori” introduced several practical ways of using the CSV features of EmEditor v17.5.0 to process and manage data. “Mado-no-mori” is a well-known Japanese website that introduces online software for Windows.

EmEditor can automate sequential numbering and dividing/combining first and last names. (March 27, 2018)

Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) and Log Analysis with EmEditor

Have you ever thought about using EmEditor for Incident Response? With features such as automatic CSV parser, filtering, capacity for opening huge files, unicode and more, EmEditor can help you handle log analysis that is related to Incident Response activities.

Please see an EmEditor user’s review below:
DFIR and Log Analysis with EmEditor

EmEditor v16.1 was reviewed in Japanese website “Mado-no-mori”.

Japanese website “Mado-no-mori”called EmEditor the “Best CSV Editor” in the review of EmEditor’s latest version, v16.1.1. “Mado-no-mori” is a Japanese well-known website that introduces online software for Windows.

No more Excel. Use EmEditor, the best CSV editor. (July 19, 2016)

EmEditor was reviewed in German Computer magazine “C’t”.

EmEditor was reviewed in German Computer magazine “C’t”. “C’t” is the second most popular German language computer magazine with a sold circulation of about 315,000 (as of March 2011).

Abstract: “EmEditor ist auf Tempo getrimmt – sowohl beim Start als auch bei der Verarbeitung enorm großer Dateien. Makrofunktionen und eine ausgefeilte Vergleichsfunktion machen dem Platzhirsch UltraEdit Konkurrenz.”

Translation: “EmEditor is trimmed for speed – both at startup and in the processing enormous files. Macro functions, and a sophisticated comparison function make the top dog UltraEdit competition.”

6/2014, page 62
Title: Editor für alles
Author: Gerald Himmelein

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EmEditor was reviewed in Japanese website “Mado-no-mori”.

EmEditor has been introduced several times in Japanese website “Mado-no-mori”. “Mado-no-mori” is a Japanese well-known website that introduces online software for Windows.

v14.4.0 (April 15, 2014)

v14.3.0 (February 18, 2014)

v14 special review (February 17, 2014)

v14.3.0 beta (February 5, 2014)

v14.0.0 (December 10, 2013)

EmEditor Professional was reviewed in PC World, IT World

EmEditor Professional was reviewed in PC World and IT World. The editor wrote, “EmEditor Professional is a powerful text editing program with many features.”

PC World – Editorial Review of EmEditor Professional

IT World – Text editor EmEditor Professional worth a look

EmEditor – simply the best text editor for Windows!

On November 11, EmEditor Professional was featured in a article. The editors from this website have called EmEditor Professional “the best text editor for Windows.” Please read the articleand try the best editor for Windows now!


EmEditor – simply the best text editor for Windows! 

A fast, convenient and reliable text editor is a tool that many professionals dream of: HTML coders, software developers, testers, localization experts, translators, bloggers and many, many others. A good text editor is a versatile tool that will help you open files in a number of formats, edit them, add your own text and reliably save the results of your work. All of this is a perfect description of EmEditor, a powerful text editing tool that has won countless industry and readers’ choice awards across the world.

First of all, EmEditor is very, very fast. Most typical operations like file opening and saving, searching for and replacing strings are performed in a fraction of a second — and it’s not just about regular files weighing in at a dozen kilobytes. EmEditor flawlessly works with large and extra-large file of up to 248 gigabytes (!) in size containing millions of lines. With its extensive support of Unicode , EmEditor is a tool for everyone, no matter what language they work with. Forget about opening files and gazing at unreadable abracadabra — EmEditor will take care of this and will always show you perfectly readable and editable text. Software developers will benefit from the abundance of handy code editing features, such as intelligent highlighting, ultra-fast text search and replacement functions, macros, markers, tooltips and a whole lot more!

If you are looking for powerful and fail-proof text editor with unparalleled functionality and speed, choose EmEditor. Millions of happy professionals just can’t go wrong!