EmEditor was reviewed in Mado-no-mori.

“EmEditor” that keeps getting lighter and lighter-The reason why CSV can be processed more quickly than Excel

  • Peripheral functions such as clipboard history and search / replace using multiple keywords have steadily evolved.

EmEditor was reviewed in Mado-no-mori.

What’s amazing about the “EmEditor” that has been used and loved by the Mado-no-mori editors for more than 15 years?

– The strongest editor we would recommend to not only editors but also programmers, web designers, and server administrators.

Interview article with an Internet Watch editor was published today!

Internet Watch (Japanese): Commitment to “edit text”! Why is the de facto standard editor “EmEditor” different from other editors?

Interview article with a MyNavi News editor was published today!

MyNavi News: Approaching the true value of EmEditor, a text editor that continues to be comfortable and fast – Interview with Yutaka Emura, President of Emurasoft, Inc. (Japanese)

EmEditor was reviewed in Mado-no-mori.

More light and sophisticated than “Excel”! Thoroughly explain “CSV mode” of “EmEditor”
– Explain how to handle text table data, from basics to applications for “Excel”

EmEditor reviewed by IVANNOVATION

Are you an editor or translator? Does your work involve managing large text files?

IVANNOVATION is a premier translation and localization service provider that processes and manages millions of words every year. They have shared some insights on how to use EmEditor to manage translation and localization projects:

EmEditor—Not Just for Coders—the Secret Weapon for Text Management

EmEditor was reviewed in Mado-no-mori.

CSV and code editing progresses! Let’s use the filter of “EmEditor” to improve work efficiency
– A thorough explanation from the basic of filter function to advanced technique.

EmEditor v17.8 was reviewed in Japanese website Mado-no-mori

EmEditor v17.8 was released. Added a filter feature that can display or edit only a part of a very large file.
– Workspace related features were greatly enhanced.

EmEditor v17.5 was reviewed in Japanese website “Mado-no-mori”.

Japanese website “Mado-no-mori” introduced several practical ways of using the CSV features of EmEditor v17.5.0 to process and manage data. “Mado-no-mori” is a well-known Japanese website that introduces online software for Windows.

EmEditor can automate sequential numbering and dividing/combining first and last names. (March 27, 2018)