New page – How to Increase Virtual Memory

If an error message similar to “The paging file is too small for this operation to complete” or “Your computer is low on memory” appears while opening a very large file, you will need to increase the physical or virtual memory. This new page explains how to increase virtual memory on your system.

How to Increase Virtual Memory

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FAQ – The digital signature of a program files could not be verified

EmEditor checks digital signature of EmEditor executables and DLL files before opening to mitigate for DLL hijacking vulnerability since Version 17.5.

If you open EmEditor on a PC where the Internet connection is unavailable, you might run into an issue such as:

  • A warning dialog box “The digital signature of a program file could not be verified.” appears when you try to launch EmEditor.
  • The digital signature of EmEditor files (such as emeditor.exe and .msi installers) cannot be verified.
  • EmEditor launch becomes slow.

In these cases, please refer to FAQ “Read this first if you are having trouble installing EmEditor” – #20.

Lifetime license price update

Since the introduction of lifetime licenses in 2012, we have not changed the price of a lifetime license. However, our expense cost continues to grow, and we need to adjust the price so that we can continue development and providing services to our customers. Therefore, we are going to increase the price of a lifetime license. Taking effect on April 1, 2019, we are changing the price of a lifetime license from US$149.99 to US$179.99. The volume license prices of lifetime licenses will also be changed. However, annual subscriptions will not be affected.

We will continue development of EmEditor and providing support to our customers.

Thank you for using EmEditor!

Our Partner Avangate Rebranded as 2Checkout

Our online payment partner Avangate will be rebranded as 2Checkout on June 19th, 2018. If you have received emails from Avangate regarding your subscriptions, you will receive them from 2Checkout ( from now on. Please whitelist emails from as well as in order to receive important emails in the future. Your subscription contracts will remain as they are now. Your former Avangate myAccount page will be updated to, but our Emurasoft Customer Center will remain the same as We thank you in advance for your time.

A new team member at Emurasoft

I am very excited to announce that my son, Makoto Emura, has joined our team. He has already helped produce our recent new features of EmEditor, including our new Character Count plug-in, which he has built by himself. His detail-minded professionalism lends greatly to making excellent test programs. He is passionate for protecting our customer data as well as our code base. His creativity and uniqueness will lead innovation in our business for the future. I believe he is a person of integrity, not just from a father’s standpoint, but from a co-worker’s perspective. I believe he possesses all good business ethics for the future when he succeeds our business.

He lived in the United States since Kindergarten, and he studies Computer Science at Bellevue College, in Washington. He is a dual citizen of Japan and the United States. Please welcome Makoto to our community, and feel free to give him any advice you might have regarding our direction in the future.

Yutaka Emura

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Emurasoft Privacy Policy Updates

All Emurasoft, Inc. products and services have always been committed to protecting the privacy and data of our clients. Recently the European Union created the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which goes into full effect on May 25, 2018. We have updated our Privacy Policy to to clarify the following:

  • The Information We Collect
  • How You Can Access, Correct, or Update Your Information

Please read the policy to understand these changes. Your use of all Emurasoft, Inc. products and services is subject to the revised policy.

Thank you for using EmEditor!

21st Anniversary Sale!

In celebration of Emurasoft’s 21st anniversary, we would like to thank you with 21% off EmEditor lifetime licenses! (Online purchase through Avangate only)

Buy lifetime licenses Now!

Unauthorized iOS App Emeditor

Lately, we have identified an unauthorized iOS app, “Emeditor”, (in which the third “e” is in lower case), for iPhone and iPad users on the App Store. This app has nothing to do with our company, and please do not download the app. The app uses the logo of the EmEditor home page without our permission, and the deverloper of the app is unknown to us.

Troubleshoot installation of EmEditor

We have added installation troubleshooting to the FAQ on the Support page. If you have trouble installing, uninstalling, or updating EmEditor, please refer to:
Thank you for using EmEditor!

Possible Path environment variable corruption by EmEditor v15.1.1

If you have installed EmEditor v15.1.1 as the entire machine install (Selecting “Everybody (all users)” in the Installation Type during the install), and if the system “Path” environment variable is 1,000 characters long or longer, the system “Path” variable might have become corrupted (or erased) during the install.

The problem could happen only if you use the v15.1.1 installer, and NOT by any other versions of installers. The problem could happen only if your Path environment is longer than 1,000 character long.

To check your “Path” variable, please go to Control Panel, System Properties, Advanced system settings, click the Environment Variables button, and scroll down the System variables list box to find the “Path” variable.  The “Path” variable should contain several application paths combined with semicolons (;).  In the Registry, the “Path” variable is stored at:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment

If this variable contains only the EmEditor path (C:\Program Files\EmEditor), the “Path” variable has been corrupted, and the installer erased the previous “Path” variable.

If this happens to your system, your original Path variable can be found at one of the following keys:


If you find a good “Path” variable, you can copy and paste to the current “Path” variable.

If you still can’t find the old good original path, the following article might be able to help you.

The new installer of EmEditor (v15.1.2) has fixed the bug, but once you install v15.1.1, installing v15.1.2 alone will not help you fix the Path variable.
We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences if this has affected your system.

Thank you for using EmEditor!