Troubleshoot installation of EmEditor

We have added installation troubleshooting to the FAQ on the Support page. If you have trouble installing, uninstalling, or updating EmEditor, please refer to:
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Possible Path environment variable corruption by EmEditor v15.1.1

If you have installed EmEditor v15.1.1 as the entire machine install (Selecting “Everybody (all users)” in the Installation Type during the install), and if the system “Path” environment variable is 1,000 characters long or longer, the system “Path” variable might have become corrupted (or erased) during the install.

The problem could happen only if you use the v15.1.1 installer, and NOT by any other versions of installers. The problem could happen only if your Path environment is longer than 1,000 character long.

To check your “Path” variable, please go to Control Panel, System Properties, Advanced system settings, click the Environment Variables button, and scroll down the System variables list box to find the “Path” variable.  The “Path” variable should contain several application paths combined with semicolons (;).  In the Registry, the “Path” variable is stored at:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment

If this variable contains only the EmEditor path (C:\Program Files\EmEditor), the “Path” variable has been corrupted, and the installer erased the previous “Path” variable.

If this happens to your system, your original Path variable can be found at one of the following keys:


If you find a good “Path” variable, you can copy and paste to the current “Path” variable.

If you still can’t find the old good original path, the following article might be able to help you.

The new installer of EmEditor (v15.1.2) has fixed the bug, but once you install v15.1.1, installing v15.1.2 alone will not help you fix the Path variable.
We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences if this has affected your system.

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New in Version 15.0 page published

Today, we published the New in Version 15.0 page.

EmEditor v15.0 will be released soon.

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Emurasoft Customer Center was moved

The Emurasoft Customer Center was moved to If you have a bookmark with the old URL (, please change the URL to the new location ( as the old URL will become unavailable in the future. The Emurasoft Customer Center is the website where you can find your registration keys and purchase history.

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The 64-bit portable version released. File hosting switched to the Amazon S3 cloud

Today, we released EmEditor v14.8.0, and we also released the 64-bit version of the portable version, in addition to the installer and 32-bit portable versions today. All the installers of all the formats are available to download at the Download page.

Moreover, the file hosting was switched from the old web hosting server to the Amazon S3 cloud service. We hope this change will bring us faster and more stable downloads and updates.

We will continue improving our services. Please contact us if there are any issues with downloading or updating.

Thank you for using EmEditor!

Restored the old updater configuration files

We notice that many customers still use EmEditor v14.5.3 (or older). In order to remind users who have not noticed new updates, we have restored the updater configuration files in the old locations (for versions v10.0 through v14.5.3). Although our server is safe since we have switched our server hosting company and placed new security measures, we still recommend every user to update to the newest version as soon as possible if you are still using older versions.

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Server Maintenance is Completed

Yesterday, we started switching our server host to a more secure and fast platform. We are pleased to announce that the transition has been completed. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you for your support of EmEditor.

Server Maintenance

Thank you for using EmEditor.

Today, we will begin switching our server host to a more secure and fast platform, and the transition might take several days.  For this reason, connections to our server and the SSL encryption might be temporarily disrupted.  Please refrain from posting new messages to our forums until our transfer is completed.  There is no effect on the access to Emurasoft Customer Center and EmEditor updates using the Update Checker.

Thanks for your patience.

Please update to a newest version

This is an important security message.

We notice that many customers still use EmEditor v14.5.3 (or older). The updater in the old versions of EmEditor contained security vulnerability. For the safety of our customers, the updater in the older versions had been disabled since we removed the update configuration files in our server in response to the security incident. Although this incident was resolved, it is still potentially unsafe to continue using the old versions of EmEditor (from v10.0 through v14.5.3). The new versions of EmEditor (v14.5.4 or newer) is safe because it uses the improved updater which will not run an installer if the digital signature of the installer mismatches our signature.

If you are still using an old version of EmEditor (from v10.0 through v14.5.3), please download the newest version from our download page and install.

If you have not installed v14 before, you might need a v14 registration key. Your v14 key can be found in the Resend Keys page of Emurasoft Customer Center. Many customers already have lifetime licenses without their noticing, and so please check this page. If you don’t have a lifetime license nor a v14 key, you might need to purchase a new license.

Including this reason, if for some reasons, you can’t install the newer version, please disable the updater by selecting the Customize Update Checker on the Help menu of EmEditor.

If you have once installed a new version and want to revert to an old version, you can uninstall the new version, and then install the old version. You can find an old version in the sub folder of C:\ProgramData\Emurasoft\EmEditor\updates\update.

If you have issues with installing or uninstalling, please refer to our FAQ.

We apologize for any inconveniences. If you have any questions, please contact us using this form.