A new team member at Emurasoft

I am very excited to announce that my son, Makoto Emura, has joined our team. He has already helped produce our recent new features of EmEditor, including our new Character Count plug-in, which he has built by himself. His detail-minded professionalism lends greatly to making excellent test programs. He is passionate for protecting our customer data as well as our code base. His creativity and uniqueness will lead innovation in our business for the future. I believe he is a person of integrity, not just from a father’s standpoint, but from a co-worker’s perspective. I believe he possesses all good business ethics for the future when he succeeds our business.

He lived in the United States since Kindergarten, and he studies Computer Science at Bellevue College, in Washington. He is a dual citizen of Japan and the United States. Please welcome Makoto to our community, and feel free to give him any advice you might have regarding our direction in the future.

Yutaka Emura

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