We have confirmed EmEditor works with Windows 10

We have tested the current latest version of EmEditor (v15.1.7 or later) on Windows 10 Insider Preview, and confirmed EmEditor works with Windows 10. However,

– The Cascade, Tile Horizontally, and Tile Vertically commands
– The Compare and Synchronize commands

might not work as expected if you use the new Task View feature of Windows 10 to create multiple virtual desktops, and multiple EmEditor group windows exist separately over different virtual desktops. EmEditor will behave as if all of EmEditor group windows existed in the same virtual desktop. For example, when there are two EmEditor group windows which exist at different virtual desktops, if you select the Tile Horizontally command, only one EmEditor group window appears on the upper half of the current virtual desktop while the other EmEditor group window appears on the lower half of the other virtual desktop. We are planning to address this issue in future versions of EmEditor.

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