Hi Yutaka.

Since this is an often missed feature, I want to remind you on reconsidering this idea please.

On performing an action, the selection goes lost and have to be re-select by hand again.

Keep the coordinates and restore the selection for us.

1) New option like Properties for xxx > General > “[X] Remember Selection” // Store the current selection coordinates for each document.
2) New Edit menu entry “Restore Selection” // Restore last made selection
3) New Macro command “document.selection.SelectLast();” // Restore last made selection

Further improvements for following-up versions:
– Save the selection coordinates for each document, based on the filename, to EmEditor settings.
– Store more than one last coordinates.
– improve macro command to”document.selection.SelectLast( nSelectionIndex );”

Save e.g. as:
filename | last selection | second last | third …
test file.txt|1,56,233,72|1,56,200,0|

Thanks for making EmEditor.