Hi Yutaka,

Now EmEditor is at v15.1.5, and my suggestion for incremental text extraction still hasn’t made it into EmEditor yet.

Any chance this can be added in the near future ?

As already mentioned, I can’t believe it would be that much work given that EmEditor already contains most of the functionality. All you need to do is…

– Allow Find and Replace dialogs (and Find/Replace toolbar) to output to Output Bar
– If incremental Search is enabled, then any matches are added to the Output bar as you type. This is particularly useful if you’re using a regex, since it allows you to see exactly what will be matched with current regex, thereby helping you to create the correct regex.
– If the user also has a replacement regex, then there should be an option on Replace dialog (or toggle button on FindBar toolbar) to extract the replacement text (useful when you use Regex to transform the matches into something else).

There are some extra things that would be nice, but the above would be a start.

If you still don’t understand what I’m after, I’ll put together a screencast showing a demo of another piece of software which has the kind of functionality I’m after in EmEditor.

Please, Please, Please, can you add this feature ?