This change is very useful, especially when create Batch Replace List or similar TSV files from copy-data.

on	1	a		
on	2	b		
on	3	c		
on	4	d		
on	5	e	

Before v17.1.0 beta 4, need to paste into Excel two columns separately first, and then copy & paste back to EmEditor. Now it can be done in EmEditor.

In addition, suggest also consider to add an option to CVS mode for this change in future version.
Because when we try to copy & paste above “a~e” (a \n b \n c \n d \n e \n) vertical data from other software(ex. Excel),
If paste to EmEditor CVS mode column 2 or later, “a” position is correct, but “b”~”e” position will be on the unexpected column 1.

If paste to Excel column B or later, “a” position is correct, and “b”~”e” position is correct as well.