Issue 7:
Please add a search option: Match word.
So “+e” won’t match “+End” or “+Enter” …

Issue 8:
How about exempting comma (,) from being a separator (I think space is enough), so that shortcut keys including comma (e.g. Alt+, ) can be searched out.

Issue 9:
How about adding a search option: Exclude the Paste Recent items.

Issue 10:
Type a string in Search box.
Press any of the keys (Tab/Down/Enter) to leave the box.
** The string is added into the history.
How about at least excepting Tab key?

Issue 11:
Quick Launch remembers the last used category (Commands/Options/Symbols).
** But Keyboard Map doesn’t.

Issue 12:
Maximize/Minimize buttons are necessary.

Issue 13:
Sort by “Command”.
Type something to search.
The sort order reverted.
** But the ▲ is still in “Command” column title.