Issue 5:
I’ve customized all the menus except “Context” and “Tray(1)”.
** But not knowing why, in “Tray Icon Menu (2)” and “Tab Menu”, a “POPUP” is added at the top level, and the old menu goes to the 2nd level.
If I click OK, the added “POPUP” will be saved.
Since v18.0.4.

Issue 6:
Delete all the items in a menu.
** Some buttons are not disabled instantly. (Though it doesn’t matter.)
Switch to another menu and switch back.
** All the buttons are disabled.

Issue 7:
Menu Properties:
The “Commands” list needs horizontal scrollbar when necessary.

Issue 8:
Select an item in “Defined Menu” box.
Press F2 and shorten its name.
** See the length of the background color of it.

Issue 9:
Select a command in “Defined Menu” box.
Press F2 and change its name.
Open its properties.
** The text in the “Name” box is still the default one.
Click OK.
** The name is emptied.

Issue 1+:
Maybe the height of “Menu to Customize” list should be limited according to the total number of the menus.
And the buttons should sink along with the “Defined Menu” box.
Or, left-right layout might be better than top-bottom layout.