Do you just want to paste and replace all the strings at a time?
See if these helps:

Method 1:
Put the source strings into EmEditor. (They should be one per line.)
Turn on any CSV mode.
Click the column header (above the ruler) to select the whole column.
Copy. (So they are copied as a column via EmEditor.)
Now you use “Select All” in your case.

The target should be a vertical selection, or a block of multiple selections, i.e. one string per line (like in your case).

Method 2:
Add a CSV format (with ” as the delimiter in your case).
In such a CSV view, the strings in “” are in an individual column.
Turn on Cell Selection mode. (Now the delimiters are hidden. And you can work like in Excel.)
Copy the source strings in another app. (Or copy them as a column via EmEditor as mentioned in Method 1.)
In EmEditor, click the first cell that your paste begins (i.e. you can paste a block of cells, as well as the whole column).
(You can even paste 2+ columns at a time.)

Means may vary, e.g. Cell Selection mode is not necessary in some other CSV cases.
A smart CSV view often makes the job easy.