I’ve checked that again now (2 tabs):

The “problem” occurs in the 64 bit version (installed), and only with the first program start,
when I use EmEditor

– with a shortcut on the desktop –> “C:\Program Files\EmEditor\EmEditor.exe” or
– with a button in file manager “Total Commander” –> command: “C:\Program Files\EmEditor\EmEditor.exe”

If I move EmEditor to the systray with ESC and then open it with a double click,
there is only 1 tab page left.

This “problem” does not exist in the portable 64 bit version.

If you still need the information about Customize Workspace, I can deliver it later.

Is it possible to integrate a .png image file here directly (25,2 KB) or only via an external website (image hoster)?
(I think I have seen a picture here directly in the forum … but I don’t know how to set it up)