Yutaka Emura

Hi tuska,

I am not sure what you mean by “If I move EmEditor to the systray with ESC and then open it with a double click, there is only 1 tab page left.”. By default, EmEditor will not minimize with the ESC key unless you change the default shortcut keys.

In the Customize dialog box – Shortcut page, any of these options set?
“Display a tray icon to the task bar”
“EmEditor Quick Start”

In the Customize dialog box – Workspace page, what is selected for the Automatic Workspace drop-down list box?

Can you export your settings to registry (Tools menu, Import and Export, and select “Export all settings into a registry file”), and zip all the files including AppData subfolder, and email it to tech @ emurasoft?

I am not sure how you can upload images in this forum, but you can paste a link to an image at an external website.

Thank you,