Enable “Use uchardet to detect file encodings when the Detect All option is set”.
Open a file.
It prompts for encoding.
Choose “Select Encoding from List”. OK.
** The file is opened directly with System Default encoding. There’s no chance to select encoding.

Check/uncheck the uchardet option in Start window.
** The change does not work instantly.
I have to open Customize dialog once (but no need to click OK), or restart EmEditor.

The background color in Status bar is changed (and not neat) in the new version:

Maybe it’s a classic-theme issue. But will you optimize it a little?
(Personally I prefer the gray it was before.)

I also notice that the text in Status bar is closer to the top border now.
So how about decreasing the height of Status bar by removing the bottom blank?

Customize: Workspace/Language:
** The color of the link text is changed to black now.