I usually search via the Find toolbar, and never hide it (unless I want to synchronize the search between windows).

And because EmEditor has no quick way to reset the search options, I have to use a macro, which searches for the current selection using my default search settings (i.e. resets the search options and does a new search with one step).
I use this macro very frequently and for years. But (with the Find toolbar visible) I didn’t notice that it (eeFindSaveHistory) would synchronize the search between windows, until these days.
So I guess if this is a regression introduced by the new changes of the macro functionality.

If it’s not the case, maybe the exact topic should be:
“Find Previous/Next” command should always follow the search in the current window.

Default settings.
In window 1: Search for “a” in Find toolbar.
In window 2: Search for “b” in Find dialog.
In window 1: Use “Find Previous/Next” command. (Not the buttons in Find toolbar !)
In window 1:
** It searches for “b”, while Find toolbar still shows “a”.

What “Find Previous/Next” command searches for is different from what the Find toolbar shows. This could be misleading.

So, in my case, is it possible to make “Find Previous/Next” command always follow the Find toolbar?