The existing 32 bit plugin does pretty much exactly what I need to do. I’m not sure of how the plugin works, but basically I highlight several lines of text and then run the plugin on those lines. It removes any spaces or other characters other than alpha numeric, data, so that all of the alpha numberic is moved to the far left.

I use the editor for working with LSP files where opening and closing brackets (parentheses) are indented to match each other. I start out editing existing files by moving everything to the left, and then proceeding to indent down the file, as needed.

Mostly spaces are removed by the plugin, but I believe any tabs or line feeds, etc., at the left of the alpha numeric data are removed, as well. Any of the spaces, tabs, line feeds, etc. within the alpha numeric data, or to the right of it needs to stay, of course.

If you or someone else could write a macro to accomplish this, it would be very much appreciated. (The plugin is used so frequently, that I’m currently taking my text editing home to do it on my 32 bit version of EmEditor, where I have the plugin, rather than attempting to do it at work where the plugin is not available.)

Thank you.