Hi Yutaka,

Oh, why did you downgraded this???

One of my most frequent usage of markers is to mark segments of a long string to find an identical segment in another string. This is very helpful when analyzing long seemingly meaningless strings as in a POST exchanges between an HTTP client and a server. The new limitation will seriously limit my ability because in addition I am limited to ten highlight color schema. :-(

BTW, is it 79 characters or 79 Bytes?

And further, what about my other “Marker” related requests:

* Changing marker color not applied on the Markers toolbar

* Splitting the single-button highlight marker now assigned to the “Find-next” into two buttons, an upper one with a triangle pointing up and a lower one with an inverted triangle pointing down. Then, the upper half should be assigned to the “Find previous” whereas the lower one will remain as the “find-next”.