Yes. You are right!
I left the Encording to System default for the New Files button,
even though I change the template file selection on the fly.
Even I didn’t noticed this option is applicable.
I am using many templates based upon various application development and changing quite offten. Only my inconvenience is to change both at the same time.
But, thanks your suggestion.

One more enhancement suggestion related to New file for Untitled file.

When emEditor is launched, empty Untitled file with Text mode is provided on workspace. Because editor don’t know the operator’s intention yet, this is OK.
Text to other configuration is easily can be changed by hitting status bar ‘Text’ portion and can select right configuration from the popup list. But the Current encoding can not.
If the workspace is not empty, this will not be easy without using Reload feature, but if workspace is blank yet, encording change is easy, I think.

My suggestion is to enable the same feature as ‘Text’ on status bar, for Current encoding on status bar using popup list.

So, user can now start from any encoding and any configuration at the beginning of the work.