Yutaka Emura

wizzlepig wrote:

I am using emeditor via a batch file to edit various script-generated files, such as:

“C:Program FilesEmEditoremeditor.exe” /fi “XYZ” “C:scriptsfile02.txt” /rw “ABC”
“C:Program FilesEmEditoremeditor.exe” /fi “XYZ” “C:scriptsfile03.txt” /rw “DEF”
“C:Program FilesEmEditoremeditor.exe” /fi “XYZ” “C:scriptsfile04.txt” /rw “GHI”

When I save the commands above as a .bat file and run them, they often run too quickly, and emeditor fails to complete all find and replace actions within the files specified.

Is there a better way to do this? I have been slowing down the flow with

ping http://www.yahoo.com -n 2

But that doesn’t seem like the best idea.

Thank you in advance for any help.


I am not sure what the issue is. However, please consider using macros to do searches and replaces. Macros are much better and more reliable than using batch files.