Thanks, I’ll be waiting… :-)
Lack of those bookmark features (they are extremely useful) is the main reason I can’t switch to EmEd yet :-(

With polish keyboard layout activated,
you can type polish letters with right Alt:

right Alt + a = ą
right Alt + c = ć
right Alt + e = ę
right Alt + l = ł
right Alt + n = ń
right Alt + o = ó
right Alt + s = ś
right Alt + x = ź
right Alt + z = ż

Ctrl key is NOT used.

Unloading the EmEditor tray icon fixes the problem.

I guess Ctrl + Alt + … hotkeys are not compatible with international keyboard layout like mine :-(

One more request:
I noticed that the Marks toolbar button only toggles Ret, EoF, and Tab marks, does NOT toggle Space and other marks. I’d like the toolbar button to toggle ALL marks.