Dear Yutaka,

Right now, a given marker set is displayed on the Markers Toolbar as a color patch (plus text). Associated with it is the left-click “Find Next” command and a number of “context” (i.e. right click) commands.

I find the left click extremely helpful. I also found myself using extensively the “Find previous” context command, but this is a bit more involved. I would like to have it as equally convenient as the “Find next”. Assigning it a keyboard shortcut is not an option. The toolbar button is frequently created and destroyed.

So I have an idea regarding these Markers Toolbar buttons, apart from their color, so while you are at it, you might consider the following:

Make the color patch a two-button, up/down arrow (two small triangles), vertically divided, with the upper half assigned the “Find previous” and the lower one assigned “find next”.

Please give it a thought.

Many thanks for a fine product!