I have gotten the command line runnig of ctags.exe working based on what emeditor is sending. However, the useroption has to be at end of the line.

This worked.

“C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsctags.exe” -n –fields=fKs -f c:xtags.txt -L C:xfilelist.txt –langdef=neo –langmap=neo:.pub –regex-neo=/^.*([.*]).*/1/f, function/

This didn’t.

“C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsctags.exe” –langdef=neo –langmap=neo:.pub –regex-neo=/^.*([.*]).*/1/f, function/ -n –fields=fKs -f c:xtags.txt -L C:xfilelist.txt

The only difference is that I put the useroptions at the end of the line.
O.K. I solved the problem. I needed to surround the regex expression with quotes. Now it works :-D :-D :-D