Yutaka Emura

TommyMills wrote:
Okay, please don’t hate me for asking this if it has already, I truly did use the search here, and even googled this site and couldn’t find the answer.

So I made a new custom configuration for a new customized programming language with a custom extension “JPR”. In said custom configuration, I set the default extension to “JPR”. The problem is that when I open the files in EmEditor, the default configuration switches to “text”, and I have to switch it to JPR configuration manually every time.. How can I have it switch to my custom JPR configuration when I open the files automatically like it does for PHP, Perl, Javascript, etc scripts do?

I have the trial/evaluation edition of 8.1.

That is no problem. Open the JPR configuration properties, and select Association tab, and then make sure JPR is in the list of the Associated Extensions. I hope this helps.