Yutaka Emura

I tried to reproduce your issue with EmEditor 9.14 and fresh Windows on Virtual PC, but I could not reproduce your issue. What I did was:

1. I installed EmEditor Professional 9.14 on fresh Windows XP2 on Virtual PC.
2. Run EmEditor, select Tools menu > Select Configuration > Define Configurations.
3. Select SQL and click “Copy” button to create “SQL2” configuration.
4. Double-click SQL2 to open SQL2 properties, and then click “Highlight (1)” tab.
5. Click “Add” button to add a new keyword called “123”.
6. Click “Export” button to export keywords, named as “test.esy”.
6. Close all dialog boxes, and open test.esy. I saw all SQL keywords plus “123”.

If my procedure is different from yours, please advise me. I want to reproduce your issue and fix that problem. Thank you.