Yutaka Emura

wdscxsj wrote:
It’s very convenient that EmEditor supports multiple file-type configurations. It’ll be even better if the configuration order can be customized.

I use Python quite often. Whenever I create a new (unsaved) file and switch to the Python configuration, I have to press F11 and a series of P’s. Although I don’t use Pascal, Perl, etc. much, I want to keep their configurations. So if Python can appear as my first P-language, many keypresses will be saved.

It’s the same case for the “New File” list.

Thank you.

Thanks for your comments! You cannot change the order — it is an alphabetical order. However, you can rename the configuration name. For instance, you can rename “Pascal” to “_Pascal” so it will become the last item of the list. I hope this technique will help.