ZoNi wrote:
I would also disagree that 40$ is “almost free” ;) Especially when there are so fine freeware and open source programs.

For me, EmEditor Free is great; also are Notepad++ and Notepad2, which are both Open Source. I just wish that Notepad++ is little bit faster on start, but even now it is better than EmEditor Free (I don’t know about Pro, haven’t tried it). With Notepad2 is different – it is VERY fast, but has no tabs (not so important) and no “clickable URLs” (and I need that very often).

So, I don’t understand why EmEditor Free is not available from emeditor.com (maybe with some small improvements over time). Anyway, that would be nice for not-so-rich countries, where 40$ for “Notepad on steroids” is little bit too much :-D

Well as i said in my previous post i actually agree that the price could be lower in some countries, but for other countries where $40 is close to nothing i think it’s a fair price even if there are free alternatives. Just because freeware exists doesn’t mean that everything should be free. I’m sure someone find it worth paying for emeditor even if some other editors are free or there would be no customers. But like i said i agree that a lower price for some countries could be a good idea. If Emurasoft are located in the US i’m sure selling the editor for a very low price like $5 the income would be too low to pay the salery for their employees so might not be a good idea for the company.

Anyway i’m under the impression there will be no new version of emeditor free so i’m guessing you have to use it like it is or buy emeditor pro. I don’t know this for a fact tho….just guessing.