gan wrote:
Well i actually agree. It might not be fair to say it’s cheap since that might not be the case for everyone like you said. I also think it would be a good idea to regulate the price in such countries, but might be a challenge to find the right sales model if the price should differ between countries. Also prevent that people from other countries try to take advantage of such a deal and pretend to be from Russia to get a lower price for the product…

I think you are right, set different prices for different countries would be great! People from China can purchase PC game Plant vs. Zombies from PopCap just for RMB¥28.00 (about USD$4.10), but friends in the United States told me in US, the price is USD$19.95. This marketing strategy boosts sales of this game in Chinese market greatly, with iPhone and iPad version of this game. :-)

But I also agree with your concern of the maneuverability of setting different prices. :-(