Just registered to report you an error I have faced in two Windows 7 x64 machines, one with Ultimate, and the other with Business editions with the EmEditor 10.0 Beta 1.

The problem is in making PC -> Manage, unable to launch CompMgmtLauncher.exe. According to several Microsoft forum posts, it is usually caused by a faulty shell extension.

So, I deregistered emedshl.dll, and it worked flawesly again. For your information, replacing the 10 Beta 1 DLL, by the one in 9.15, makes it work fine, so I assume a kind of bug in latest shell context handler.

Hope this helps… Anyway if more information is required, do not hesitate contacting me.

BTW, have you considered going again with a free/lite version as in the past? I believe it would be very nices….